My Journey Through

Death Investigation



I have decided to share my journey into the abyss of death as an investigator. I hope to educate anyone with questions and provide a factual journey for writers researching a scene or character in their work. My journey was not easy and was in fact, very emotionally difficult. To read more about the emotional side of my journey as well as get to know ME better, click on the “blog” links at the bottom of this page.

If you are a writer I will not try to write your characters or scenes but strive to help YOU make them as realistic as you choose! Of course, when writing a fictional work, you can make your character do whatever you choose so think of this blog as a starting point!! I do have some knowledge of how the other parts of the investigation works but can also check with associates I worked with if needed. Check out my blog entries (here)  for additional information containing details, pictures and explanations.

If you are someone looking for help reading medical records or an autopsy report, please use the

“contact me” (“dyingtowrite44@gmail.com”)

option and I will do my best to help you! Ready? Here we go…..

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